Profile Picture -- Brian

I am a sports performance and versatility coach.

You might ask, how did I come up with that?

Growing up, I played any sport offered. Whether it was from curiosity or competitiveness, I wanted to try anything and everything. Not only did I want to participate and be successful, but I enjoyed learning all of the positions in that particular sport as well.

I love to compete. I love to get better. But above all, I love to be the “swiss army knife” type of athlete. That’s my thing.


That’s why I’ve named my brand The Jack of All Training.


After a successful high school career that included 5 different sports, I continued into college playing on the football and basketball team. However, once I was through at the collegiate level and forced to truly begin life after sports, everything changed.

Like many athletes, there was a giant void in my life. Being an athlete had been the focal point of my life above everything else. So, what now?

Well honestly, first it was depression. You get so addicted to competing, the adrenaline and the sense of accomplishment you get with your teammates that when all of it is stripped away, you feel empty.

After several office jobs, I made a decision to find my calling and make that my life’s work. I moved from Iowa, which had been my home for 27 years and discovered new life in Nashville, Tennessee. From there, I became a certified personal trainer and continued coaching high school basketball. I began to really brainstorm how I could use my skill set to help athletes become their best.

That’s when it finally hit me. I had been coaching youth hockey and witnessed young athletes making the decision to specialize. At 10 years old, sometimes younger, a child that shows interest and a little talent for a sport suddenly decides to focus solely on that sport. Whether this is the kid deciding, the parents or a combination of the two, the fear of falling behind has began to take precedent over participating in multiple sports.

In my opinion and experiences, limiting yourself to a single sport not only hinders your athletic progress, but it puts a cap on your potential to be all that you can be. Football taught me how to play physical in basketball, soccer improved my footwork in football, baseball aided my hand-eye coordination which in turn made my vision as a point guard better in basketball. The circle continues.


This is why I developed the Jack of All Training.


I want to take what was my greatest asset as an athlete, my versatility, and use it to help today’s athletes become the very best that they can be without  worrying about falling behind.

I want to improve your sport specific skills, but also give you tools I’ve learned from other sports to improve your game. In addition, I will put you through creative programs to enhance your hand-eye coordination, speed & agility, vertical jump, foot quickness, anticipation and reaction time, and even your mental toughness.

I will transform you from a one dimensional, single sport athlete into a well-rounded, gifted swiss army knife that your coach depends on.